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Regina Heredia and Teacher — Wedding Cake Consultation in Clifton, NJ

Regina Heredia


About Regina:
I am a native Puerto Rican with 4 daughters, 1 stepson, 4 Grandkids and a wonderful husband. My mother was always known as the “crafty lady” in town; from sewing school uniforms to making a wedding dress, from crocheting to knitting, you name it she made it. I like to believe I got my creativity and passion for art from her. I remember when I was 11 years old I took ceramic classes because I loved forming flowers with clay. I taught my mom and she made a living selling ceramics for a while. Growing up my mom taught me her many skills, but none of them stuck out to me as something I would want to do for the rest of my life.
I knew I wanted a store of my own, maybe a florist shop?! Alas, life caught me by surprise and with 5 children to feed, I needed to get to work fast. I found an optical lab tech job and stuck with this industry for 18 years. I loved what I was doing, taking care of patients and building relationships with new people. My aunt worked for a small business department in Puerto Rico and needed to fill a slot in a cake class, I thought, “why not?.” It was only a 3 week class which covered the basics, but on day 1 I was hooked. I spent time teaching myself some more techniques through books and spent the next 14 years perfecting my skills and baking cakes for family and friends. It wasn't until about 2 and a half years ago that I decided I needed to go after my dreams. So, I took it upon myself to take more classes, mostly online, and learn new techniques.
Then I came across the master of all masters in sugar arts, Chef Nicholas Lodge, and I made adjustments in my budget to complete his program. I received my “PME” Diploma in May of 2016 My husband was working for about a year in New Jersey with my brother, where he met my partner Mr. George Chipoco. Jorge was actually my husband's boss and when he heard about my desire to open a bakery, he offered to be my partner. I took this opportunity to make my dreams a reality. I'm so thankful first of all to God, my wonderful family, George, and everyone else who has supported me in any way to combine my love of baking, artistry, and customer service to provide our guests with a friendly environment, where they can enjoy high quality baked goods.